Friday, February 12, 2016

Army Paratroopers Testing New Airborne Ruck

U.S. Army airborne and Ranger units are testing a new, jumpable pack with a built-in equipment harness. The MOLLE 4000 is the Army’s new airborne rucksack, designed to satisfy requests from paratroopers for a pack that’s smaller than the large MOLLE ruck but with more capacity than the medium MOLLE that the Army introduced in 2009 for up to 72-hour missions.

Fibbies pat themselves on the back.

'Strategic Patience' Pays Off For FBI During Wildlife Refuge Occupation

Are the Feds screwing up their courage for new Palmer raids over original Bundy stand-off?

In an exclusive interview with Jason Van Tatenhove, media director for Oathkeepers, he told Freedom Outpost that there have been reports of 68 warrants against Americans who stood alongside Cliven Bundy in Nevada in 2014 and several involved in standing between the Bureau of Land Management and the Sugar Pine Mine. Van Tatenhove said that Oathkeepers were in the process of seeking to confirm the number of indictments.

Mounting Evidence Putin Will Ignite WWIII

By letting Putin get away with whatever he likes in Syria, Obama has created a deeply dangerous situation

The continuing global war on cash money,

Austrians Need Constitutional Right to Pay in Cash, Mahrer Says

ABC tries to explain Malheur to the straights.

The Oregon siege is finally over. What actually happened?

Uh, huh. Religion of peace strikes again. Why don't you just conclude that this was a terrorist attack?

Saw this all over the talking heads channels and NO ONE mentioned a terrorist link: Cops kill man after machete attack at Ohio deli
Pegues reports the suspected attacker has a Somali background, and officials believe he may have traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in 2012. Pegues reports that law enforcement is concerned that this incident has the hallmarks of the type of so-called "lone wolf" terrorist attack that they have been working to stop.

Four from Herschel Smith.

Sheriff Says Texas Open Carry Is Not A Problem
Dear Sheriff Jim Arnott, I’m Not Sure I Believe You’re Being Honest With Us
General Motors Fires Employee For Using A Gun To Stop A Knife Attack
Donald Trump: “I Always Carry A Gun”

Two from David Codrea.

Santilli Prosecution a Tyrannical Assault on Free Speech and Press
VOTE YES on the Recall of Grover Norquist from NRA Board

Remainder of house views, post-clean up. God bless you all.

New front view.
New garage doors.
Cleared back yard, all the way to the back fence.
New back deck and steps.
New back-of-the-house view showing new deck, repaired wall and new back gutters.
We still have small jobs to complete. We ran out of time to install the security system for Rosey (it entails running power to the cameras, although the system was advertised as "wireless," that meant only the sign from cameras to main unit); some minor plumbing like relocating the faucet on the back outside wall and fixing a leak in the tub in the main bathroom; final pickup and disposal of non-burnable items in back and side yards, etc.
Even so, the transformation of the old place is stunning and Rosey and I cannot thank all of the volunteers and supporters enough for your kind help. May God bless and keep you all safe through the coming storms.

Sorry folks, but it's been a pretty rough-as-a-cob last three days.

I'll try to get some posts up today.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Podcast on the subject of what's next for the liberty movement.

FO Podcast Episode 034 – Liberty Thought Leader Round Table
In this week’s podcast, we have a round table with the following most prominent liberty thought leaders: Peter White, Western Rifle Shooters Association; Matt Bracken, former SEAL and fiction author; Mike Vanderboegh, III% Founder and Sipsey Street Irregulars; Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers; David Codrea, War on Guns; Bob Wright, New Mexico Militia.
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"Obama's budget proposal includes billions for gun control."

President Obama doubled down on his commitment to gun control Tuesday in the 2017 budget proposal he sent to Congress. The $4.1 trillion budget request, which represents President Obama’s wish list, was met with sharp Republican criticism. The proposal calls for funding increases at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the FBI to fight gun violence. The ATF budget request is $1.3 billion, of which more than $35 million will be spent hiring 200 additional agents to reduce gun violence. The FBI is also requesting more money to hire an additional 230 employees to speed up the process to background checks on gun sales.

Collectivist cannibals eating their own.

Bloomberg gun-control group launches new ad against McAuliffe
If anyone has a right to be upset, it's us at the sellout NRA:
The bitter back-and-forth stems from the deal that McAuliffe’s administration quietly hammered out with the NRA and Sen. Bryce E. Reeves (R-Spotsylvania). The resulting legislation, now making its way through the Republican-controlled General Assembly, would expand the rights of concealed-carry handgun permit holders in Virginia and across the country in exchange for tighter restrictions on domestic abusers and voluntary background checks at gun shows.