Friday, February 27, 2015

Army Targets Medal of Honor Recipient Over Amazon Book Review

“There’s good reason to suspect that the investigation into Swenson was really about his award, his criticism of the Army, and the hope that agents would find something to shut him up,” one source close to the investigation said.

These brave folks deserve our support. If I can get there, I'll be going to the Liberty for All Rally next Friday in Spokane.

Our State, Our Rights: The Patriots Answer: Friday, 6 March, 11:00am - 2:00pm PST.
On 25 February 2015, Anthony Bosworth of Liberty for All was approached by Federal agents, under false pretenses and was arrested, detained for five hours in a steel cage without charges, denied Miranda rights, and access to an attorney, interrogated by the FBI as a domestic terrorist, and then released with a citation for "failure to comply", even though his civil rights were clearly violated at every turn.
His only action was that he was standing outside the federal courthouse at a 10th amendment rally, while legally openly carrying a firearm. The Feds have still not returned his firearms.
This is more than a violation against one citizen's civil liberties. It is a blatant overreach by federal authorities who treated a citizen and a combat veteran as though they were his master.
Bring your sidearms. Bring your long guns. This is a peaceful rally. But it is an armed one.
This rally is the Patriots' answer to a tyrannical and out of control government.
Their abuses will not stand. But we will.
We will not comply.
Groups sponsoring:
Liberty For All
Defend Amendment X

One dependable way to manufacture snitches and agents provocateurs: Loretta Lynch's Secret Prosecutions

The office headed by the woman poised to become the next attorney general has used an unusual method to keep many of its prosecutions hidden from the public, an NBC News investigation has found. Federal prosecutors in New York's Brooklyn-based Eastern District pursued cases against secret, unnamed "John Doe" defendants 58 times since Loretta Lynch became head prosecutor in May 2010. (Only) Two of the 58 are terrorism cases.

Charges crumble after cell phone video uncovered

"And that's when the nightmare started."

Demanding Mom and WaPo shrink dismiss all college women as irresponsible drunks

Demonstrating once again that Everytown is a place seething with ignorance and prejudice, Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action sent out a tweet Thursday every bit as insulting to young women as patron and patriarch Michael Bloomberg proved to be about minorities.

'Gestapo' tactics at US police 'black site' ring alarm from Chicago to Washington

More from Homan Square.
Take a gander at this guy:
The caption reads: "This man circled around a reporter and photographer for the Guardian twice while waiting for a local politician."

Thursday, February 26, 2015

David Codrea: "Vanderboegh BamaCarry speech highlights ‘two countries’ and new paradigm."

Many attendees, Vanderboegh told me, by virtue of living in a relatively free state compared to noncompliant activist gun owners at risk in places like New York and Connecticut, were not used to hearing the situation explained in such stark and unequivocal terms. Vanderboegh also introduced the audience to “Charlotte Bloomberg,” an old shotgun given to him by “I Will Not Comply” activists in Washington State, and that he named after Michael Bloomberg’s mother “Since I have him and his millionaire-bought abomination of a background check bill to thank for her...”

The Washington Times finally notices the green tip ban.

Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle.
LATER: And Rush Limbaugh too. Maybe this will help flush some more Fudds our way.

Feds Attempt to Derail Liberty Movement in WA State, Interrogate Liberty Activist

During his five hours of detention, the agents spent three of those hours interrogating him about everything from Liberty for All to how many firearms he owned to how “hostile” patriots were in Washington State. They alternated between threatening him with federal jail time, and offering him everything they could think of in an effort to get him to talk about his associates, his activities, and his beliefs. Some of the information they told him they were already aware of came from people within the movement, at least one of whom had voluntarily met with the FBI in an effort to ‘open dialogue’ a few days ago. It was obvious with other pieces of information that they were simply fishing. “It was pretty obvious that they desperately want a mole,” Bosworth said. It should also be pointed out that several people were open carrying in that location at that time. No one was even approached except him. No one was arrested. No one was cited. No one was even talked to. He was singled out.

Here's the stand-alone video of my speech in Pelham last Saturday.


Quiet Change Expands ATF Power to Seize Property

Under today’s change, the ATF will now be authorized to seize property related to alleged drug offenses and initiate administrative forfeiture proceedings all on its own.

Okay, it's legal but so what? "FedEx Refuses to Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns."

When the machine was revealed last October, Defense Distributed’s pre-orders sold out in 36 hours. But now FedEx tells WIRED it’s too wary of the legal issues around homemade gunsmithing to ship the machine to customers.
According to this, UPS also refuses.

Obviously the IRS ain't skeered of the big, bad GOP being in charge of their budget.

From IRS: 'Death by delay.' At least a half dozen conservative applicants are still waiting for an answer from the IRS.

‘Fast and Furious’ whistleblowers welcome effort to protect others

Two men who exposed the government’s failed Operation Fast and Furious gun-running probe in Phoenix said they hope a new Senate caucus can keep other whistleblowers from enduring the retaliation they faced. Pete Forcelli and John Dodson were in Washington on Wednesday as a bipartisan group of senators introduced the Senate Whistleblowers Protection Caucus. The two men said the caucus can better implement the laws already in place that are meant to protect whistleblowers but are too easily and too often ignored by federal agencies.

From the regime of the guy who brought you the Fast & Furious conspiracy. That this is happening in Rahm Emanuel's Collectivist Paradise is no accident.

From the collectivist paradise of Rahm Emanuel, the man in whose Obama White House office (as reported in these pages in early 2011) the Fast and Furious conspiracy was hatched, the man who proposed that the Clinton White House go after the militias in 1995 comes this lovely story: "Chicago Police Detain Americans At Black Site."
The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site.
The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago’s west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights.
Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:
Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.
Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
Shackling for prolonged periods.
Denying attorneys access to the “secure” facility.
Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.
Herschel Smith observes:
One of the hallmark signs of evil, totalitarian societies is secrecy. Note that the Chicago police didn’t deny the place existed. On the contrary, they insisted that the place be kept secret from the balance of society so that they could continue with their illegal activities. Light scatters the darkness, and they desire the darkness rather than the light. They aren’t scared of being found out, they don’t fear the courts, prosecutors, the justice department, lawyers or anyone else. They have become a law unto themselves. They do what is right in their own eyes and dare anyone to try to stop them.
And note that it is a so-called “open secret” among attorneys that this place exists, this place where basic God-given rights are violated. This isn’t a trivial thing, so don’t look past this to the horror of such a place on American soil just yet. These attorneys are officers of the court. They are bound to obey the law and ensure that others do as well, and are obligated to report illegalities. They know the place and practices exist, and yet they do nothing about it.
The existence of this facility is an affront to God’s law, and thus constitutes cosmic treason against the most high. . .
In this case, the offending authorities are the local ones, but anyone who believes that the federal government would step in to ensure rights against illegal search and seizure is foolish.
Every law enforcement officer who knows about this illegal and immoral site and doesn’t shed light on its existence and practices may as well be a perpetrator of said practices. There are no guiltless parties, from the LEOs to the attorneys who keep this “open secret” to judges and city managers who allow it to happen. They will all be held accountable.
The U.S. has become a banana republic. It isn’t on the horizon somewhere, we don’t have actions we need to take to ensure that it doesn’t happen. It has already happened. It is past tense. Since this is cosmic crime against God’s law, it would be cosmic justice if this facility burned to the ground, every one of the LEOs who participated in these activities held to account, and every attorney and judge who knew of this facility disbarred and sent to prison.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I might lose power tonight because of the sleet/snow storm.

If so, I'll notify David Codrea over at the War on Guns. If I go dark and you don't read about me there by midday, will somebody drop a line to the insurance adjusters of the One hundred Heads life and Casualty Company? ;-)

Dr. Evil behind push to take over the Internet.

Soros, Ford shovel $196 million to 'net neutrality' groups, staff to White House

Gee, like we should be so grateful as to genuflect and kiss their rosy red collectivist asses.

Charges Dropped Against NJ Teacher Caught with Flintlock
The Press of Atlantic City reports that gun charges brought against a retired NJ school teacher in possession of a flintlock rifle have been dropped. Cumberland County prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae announced that she will use prosecutorial discretion to decline to prosecute Gordon Van Gilder. She offered no further comment on the matter. The charge carried a potential 10-year jail sentence for the 72-year-old collector.

Just got off the phone with Anthony Bosworth. Trying to get the FBI to understand about the exponential function of the 100 Heads Life Insurance Concept.

I congratulated Anthony on his day today, and urged him to make a complete set of notes of what was said during the five hours that DHS and FBI held him (saying he was under arrest but never Mirandizing him). They did hold onto his weapons and are further holding the prospect of other charges over his head. I was particularly interested that the FBI was particularly interested in talking to Anthony about me. Nice to know I'm living in their heads rent-free as well. (Maybe they can get with Gottlieb and split the cost.) The FBI, it seems, is particularly interested in the national armed civil disobedience movement. It really must flummox them. We don't fit any pattern they've seen recently (not since, I suppose, the Deacons for Defense and Justice) and have no institutional memory (nor, apparently, the native intelligence) to equip them to deal with people who are not criminals in the traditional sense and can't be frightened or blackmailed into becoming snitches. I received another call yesterday to say that the Fibbies are particularly concerned about the concept of the One Hundred Heads Life and Casualty Company. They are, it seems, interested in knowing which particular one hundred heads it refers to. What morons. I don't think they've figured out that it is not merely 100 heads of the tyrannical Mandarin class -- of the warmakers and decision takers -- that are at stake but of some exponential function of 100 heads. Something like the chart below:
Of course, if they don't start nuthin', won't be nuthin', as they say down in the Gate City neighborhood of Birmingham. This, too, I don't think they've figured out. Of course anybody who pays SPLC to fill their head with collectivist lies and calls it an "intelligence briefing" can't be expected to be bright enough to figure that out on their own, I guess. If they were, they wouldn't be threatening folks like Anthony, who surely is insured by the 100 Heads L&C Co. as much as I am.

Doctor claims it dangerous to 'expose' young teenagers to machine guns. Yeah, dangerous to collectivists.

Delamater is a doctor of child and adolescent psychology, who apparently focuses on the psychological impact of childhood obesity and diabetes. How such a focus contributes to his competency to determine what effect, if any, might result from a young teenager's "exposure" to people enjoying the fun of target shooting with fully-automatic firearms would seem a fair question.