Friday, November 27, 2015

Staggering on. Sorry for the no posts, but I am in Ohio visiting my Mom . . .

. . . and am restricted to using a library computer. I'll try to have more tomorrow, after my return, but for now I'm coming off the chemo med for two weeks and it is kicking my butt both ways. Go figure. Good thing Rosey is driving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

David Codrea: "There is No “Finishing the Job’ with Schumer and Gun-Grabbers Always Demanding More."

That’s as good an indicator as any that these totalitarian wannabes won’t consider the job finished with the evisceration of due process, either. It also gives a pretty good clue as to why they so desperately want our guns, as well as the danger of giving an inch to those who won’t be satisfied until they have it all.

"Filled with living menace." Another dollar book from the thrift store (but what a book).

The other day, on the way back from the oncologist, I dropped by one of the local thrift stores and spotted this: With Fire and Sword by the Polish novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz. (Pronounced "sin-KAY-vitch.") I had never heard of Sienkiewicz, I thought, until I noticed from the book cover that he had written Quo Vadis. But it was the description of With Fire and Sword as Volume One of "THE Polish epic historical series" that piqued my interest. I could, I thought, risk a dollar on it. Sienkiewicz' writing is stunning. He had me with this description of the steppes on page two:
Such were these Wild Lands: a continent of grass stamped with savage beauty. Billowing pastures where a mounted man could vanish like a diver in a lake. Violent chasms torn out of the earth, gaunt breastworks of crumbling clay and limestone that opened without warning under a horse's hooves. A wilderness of forest, fallen timbers, sudden glittering lakes and rivers exploding into cataracts. . .
It was a land as vast as all of Western Europe, subject in name to the dominion of the Crown of Poland but, in effect, belonging only to those who lived by claw, fleet foot, and arrows shot out of ambush in the night. The Tartars grazed their horses there by treaty permission; and Cossack horse-thieves turned these pastures into battlefields where the sounds of slaughter, the screams of dying men, the drumming of hooves galloping out of ambush, the clash of steel, and the hiss of the Tartar arrow and the whirling lariat seemed to hang forever on the wind, carried from unknown beginnings into an endless future like the Steppe itself.
No one knew how many battles were fought there in the years gone by, nor how many men left their bones scattered in the Steppe for the wolves and vultures. Armed travelers who heard the whirring of great wings, or saw the black swarms of carrion birds wheeling in the sky, knew at once that corpses or bleached bones lay somewhere ahead and looked to their weapons. Men hunted each other in this menacing green sea with no more feeling than they'd have running down a hare; everyone there was both the hunter and the prey. This was the immemorial home of outlaws hiding from the law and the hangman's rope. Armed shepherds -- as savage as their untamed flocks and herds -- guarded lean sheep, fierce stallions and wild cattle. Bandits sought loot. Cossacks trailed Tartars and Tartars hunted Cossacks. It was common practice for entire vatahas of light cavalry to guard the immense horseherds while raiding marauders came a thousand strong; and all of them, no matter whom they served, were men for whom words like gentleness and mercy had never held a meaning.
The Steppes were wholly desolate and unpeople yet filled with living menace. Silent and still seething with hidden violence, peaceful in their immensity yet infinitely dangerous, these boundless spaces were a masterless, untamed country created for ruthless men who acknowledged no one as their overlord.

Syrian army source: rebels make heavy use of TOW missiles

A Syrian military source said rebels are making heavy use of U.S.-made anti-tank missiles paid for by Saudi Arabia and supplied via Turkey in recent weeks and the weapons are having an impact on the battlefield. The so-called TOW missile is the most potent weapon in the arsenal of rebel groups battling President Bashar al-Assad, and has been seen in action more frequently since Russia intervened with air strikes on Syria on Sept 30.

Ohio State law school under microscope for reaction to pro-life column

Ohio State law school under microscope for reaction to pro-life column

Bigger Than Bundy Ranch?

"Militia put on 'Level 2 Alert' to Defend Oregon Ranchers against Tyrannical Feds Who Label Them Terrorists."
What militia? And as we saw at Bundy's who leads in these things is critical to success.

Lessons from the Liberation of Sinjar

Still, tactical gains in Sinjar do not translate into a strategic victory over ISIL. While reinforcing the coalition–Kurdish alliance, the Sinjar offensive has exposed the deep divisions within the Kurdish camp, and the limitations of future Peshmerga engagements outside their claimed territories. Nor has reclaiming Sinjar enhanced Sunni Arab support for this war — requisite for effectively countering ISIL in Iraq and Syria. In some ways, the Sinjar aftermath has done just the opposite by reinforcing the ethno-sectarian conflicts into which ISIL has been superimposed. If the coalition wants to gain real momentum in countering ISIL in strategically significant strongholds such as Mosul and Raqqah, then it must pay closer attention to the second- and third-order consequences of its campaign on the local balance of power between ethnic and sectarian groups, particularly in Iraq’s disputed territories and where Sunni Arab support is vital.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Here we go with THAT collectivist meme again.

"Right-wing terrorism kills more Americans than jihadist extremism."

Collectivists keep running their mouths about more firearm restrictions. Dems double down on gun control tighter than a tick on a dog. What could possibly go wrong for them?

"Democrats Urge Obama To Act On Hillary Clinton's Gun Control Proposal. They want him to tighten the gun show loophole through executive action."

More along the lines of "Firearms confiscation for thee but not for me."

"Lt. Gov. of California: ‘I want your guns but leave mine alone.’"

Two for the Praxis file.

From Sam Culper: Good Chart of Rules for the Use of Burner Phones
A Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries
This one was forwarded to me by a faithful reader with the comment: "Useful information for those of us that still think that all long term battery technology involves lead plates and acid electrolytes. If you plan on humping comm. radios, using "hobby" security drones, or other high energy draw items you need to learn about LiPo batteries. They have some real advantages, but they can cause trouble, too."

John Richardson sez "This Is Getting Tiresome." True, but the fact is that this aspect of the big lie is bloody well effective.

"The New York Daily News - 'New York's Picture Newspaper' - is keeping up their propaganda campaign against the NRA and Republicans for refusing to add those on the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database to the NICS denied list."

That's okay, I guess, because only black lives matter, right?

A 91-year-old man was beaten, then doused with gasoline before he and his home in northwest Detroit were set afire by a burglar, police said. Paul Monchnik, a retired TV repairman, was found dead in his burning home in the 20500 block of Bentler Court around 3 a.m. Monday.

Endangered species sighted at local WalMart.

I had to stop by WalMart to pick up some medicine yesterday morning and out of idle curiosity I stopped by the sporting goods department where an employee was putting up the latest restock. Lo, and behold, what did I spot but a single cardboard box containing 2 1000-rd bulk packs of Winchester M-22 .22LR ammo! I had the fellow unbox and scan them and they were $49.95 each. That's the first time in darn near a year that I've seen bulk pack .22 ammo at a decent price. With the local tax, they would have been five and a half cents a round. I'm sure someone scarfed them up quickly.

"Two bands of cannibals fighting over who gets to eat your corpse." Black racists shot by white racists, or legitimate self-defense? Both? This collectivist excrement is going to get out of hand, as it was apparently designed to do.

This is further proof of Dr. Richter's dictum as expressed to me that the left-right graph of the political continuum is a lie taught by collectivists to make you think that there is some legitimacy to their respective positions whereas the truth is that they are two sides of the same murderous coin. They are simply, in his words, "two bands of cannibals fighting over who gets to eat your corpse."
"Five people shot near Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis."

So much for those who put their hopes in the black-robed bandit gang. David Codrea: "In Refusing to Consider Marine’s Ordeal, SCOTUS Weakens Deterrents to Hearsay Commitments."

"Per its posted Proceedings and Orders, the Supreme Court declined to hear the Case of Brandon Raub last Monday. That slams shut a door in the face of a Marine veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who was seeking justice for his unlawful detention for disapproved political speech. It also leaves other Americans in similar danger of being committed to institutions based on 'experts' relying on what police tell them rather than on impartial evaluations and due process."

"A Transatlantic Thanksgiving: Churchill's 1944 Remarks Still Resonate."

"On Nov. 23, 1944, the British Prime Minister made his way to the Royal Albert Hall where the American community in London was commemorating Thanksgiving. It’s not clear whether Winston Churchill invited himself or if his remarks were planned. In any case, his presence was an inspiring surprise for the audience. He spoke for a few minutes without notes."
Link to the pdf of the entire statement.
We have come here tonight to add our celebration to those which are going forward all over the world wherever allied troops are fighting, in bivouacs and dug-outs, on battlefields, on the high seas, and the highest air. Always this annual festival has been dear to the hearts of the American people. Always there has been that desire for thanksgiving, and never, I think, has there been more justification, more compulsive need than now.
It is your Day of Thanksgiving, and when we feel the truth of the facts which are before us, that in three or four years the peaceful, peace-loving people of the United States, with all the variety and freedom of their life in such contrast to the iron discipline which has governed many other communities — when we see that in three or four years the United States has in sober fact become the greatest military, naval, and air power in the world — that, I say to you in this time of war, is itself a subject for profound thanksgiving.
We are moving forward in this struggle which spreads over all the lands and all the oceans; we are moving forward surely, steadily, irresistibly, and perhaps with God’s aid, swiftly, towards victorious peace. There again is a fitting reason for thanksgiving.
I have spoken of American thanksgiving. Tonight here, representing vaster audiences and greater forces moving outside this hall, it is both British and American thanksgiving that we may celebrate. And why is that? It is because under the compulsion of mysterious and all-powerful destiny we are together. We are joined together, shedding our blood side by side, struggling for the same ideals, until the triumph of the great causes which we serve shall have been made manifest.
But there is a greater Thanksgiving Day which still shines ahead, which beckons the bold and loyal and warm-hearted, and that is when this union of action which has been forced upon us by out common hatred of tyranny, which we have maintained during these dark and fearful days, shall become a lasting union of sympathy and good-feeling and loyalty and hope between all the British and American peoples, wherever they may dwell. Then, indeed, there will be a Day of Thanksgiving and one in which all the world shall share.”