Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More on election theivery in Colorado.

James O’Keefe Strikes Again

More inter-faith outreach from the religion of peace.

Soldier, 24, shot dead by Muslim convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.

"Christian extremists pose threat."

Another volunteer for the Julius Streicher award: "Islamists may draw our attention, but we need to keep an eye on Bundy and his ilk."

Uncontrolled admission of foreign nationals threatens more than gun rights

Noting that the Obama administration will “open the door to as many as 100,000 Haitians, who will now move into the United States without a visa,” The Washington Times warned Monday of a new dimension in that fundamental transformation of America President Barack Obama promised supporters. The revelation was in addition to news that a solicitation from the government seeks a printer for up to 34 million green cards.

Japan stomps on 3-D printed gun maker for rendering 'gun controls toothless'

Japan has for decades imposed iron-fisted controls on not only private possession of guns, but on swords, and even long knives, preserving the "government monopoly on force" so beloved of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. That monopoly is now crumbling. Imura was caught because he made no effort to hide his gun making (and indeed actively publicized it). Others will be more circumspect.

Rough night.

Running late. More later.

Is Strict Scrutiny Really a Trojan Horse to Defeat the RKBA?

I'm no lawyer, but I think I'm with Backwoods Engineer on this one.

The "sanctity of the ballot box" as practiced by collectivists.

Surveillance Video Apparently Catches Guy Doing Something at the Ballot Box That Left Republican Monitor Stunned
Cook County Voting Machine Casts GOP Candidate’s Vote for His Dem Opponent

"ATF Arrests 'Commanding Officer' Of TX Citizen Militia On Weapons Charge"

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. -- I Peter, Chapter 5, Verse 8.
The collectivist Talking Points Memo reports: Authorities arrested a Texas man belonging to a citizen militia on weapons charges Monday morning. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives booked Kevin "KC" Massey in Brownsville, Texas, according to local station KGBT. Massey belonged to the paramilitary group "Camp Lonestar," a colorful outfit that sports guns, military fatigues, and soul patches in its mission to secure the border.
According to Gary Hunt Massey was arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.
LATER: Here is the story as reported by the Brownsville Herald: Militia man arrested for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Holder's lament. Every American wannbe tyrant is a frustrated gun grabber with an unquenchable thirst for other people's property and liberty.

I can't believe it. We danced in the blood of Newtown and we couldn't get more gun control. We smuggled Kalashnikovs to the cartels so they could be found beside dead Mexicans and it blew up in our faces thanks to those damn bloggers. We couldn't even keep that a secret. If we hadn't blackmailed Boehner, who knows where that might have ended? (Expletive deleted.)
This just makes me smile. Holder: Gun control among biggest failures
Outgoing Attorney Gen. Eric Holder on Monday listed the Obama administration’s inability to enact more stringent gun control regulations as among the biggest failures of his tenure, saying the matter “weighs heavily” on his mind. “I think the inability to pass reasonable gun safety laws after the Newtown massacre is something that weighs heavily on my mind,” Holder said during an interview aired on CNN. . .
“And the thought that we could not translate that horror into reasonable — I mean, really reasonable gun safety measures that were supported by the vast majority of the American people is for me something that I take personally as a failure,” he said, “and something that I think we as a society should take as a failure, a glaring failure, that I hope will ultimately be rectified.”

How Gun-Control Legislation Is Affecting This Election

“Gun owners are pissed off and nervous. They don’t know if the state will enforce based on long-gun purchase records held by the State Police, but they are encouraged and feel a little vindicated at the level of disobedience.”
“Many sheriffs in states that recently passed gun-control laws have signed letters saying they are opposed to the laws, saying the gun bans won’t make America safer. Some even say they won’t enforce these new laws. This has gotten some press. What hasn’t been reported is the very governors in New York, Connecticut and Maryland who signed those gun and magazine bans are also reluctant to enforce these laws. It seems they don’t want a political backlash. They don’t want journalists making martyrs out of otherwise law-abiding citizens who might be charged with felonies for doing what they’ve done all their lives. This is where politics runs into reality. It’s a collision voters need to hear more about.
Actually, a majority of sheriffs in New York and Colorado publicly oppose the new gun-control laws. Sheriffs are in a unique position to speak out, as nearly all of America’s 3,080 sheriffs are elected. These sheriffs aren’t standing alone like Gary Cooper in “High Noon.” Polls show that a lot of the men and women who protect us support the Second Amendment. In 2013, a survey of police officers by the National Association of Chiefs of Police found that 86.8 percent of those surveyed think “any law-abiding citizen [should] be able to purchase a firearm for sport and self-defense.” Also, a survey done by of 15,000 law-enforcement professionals found that almost 90 percent of officers believe that casualties related to guns would be decreased if armed citizens were present at the onset of an active-shooter incident. More than 80 percent of PoliceOne’s respondents support arming schoolteachers and administrators who willingly volunteer to train with firearms. Virtually all the survey’s respondents (95 percent) said a federal ban on the manufacture and sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds wouldn’t reduce violent crime.”

Life for a collectivist gun grabber after recall.

Recalled Sen. Morse joins move to support Colorado ‘gun sense’ candidates

Prince Law on the PA State Police, Frein and the death threats they've received for standing up for the Constitution..

Now, perhaps, it becomes a little clearer.
In fact, it’s recently been revealed that the actual target may have been Trooper Alex T. Douglass, and Corporal Dickson was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why is this important? Well it appears that Trooper Douglass might have been having an affair with Mr. Frein’s wife. If true, that absolutely does not justify Mr. Frein’s actions if he is indeed the perpetrator. It makes it no less tragic. What it does raise is the question of whether the actions by the State Police are justifiable, truthful, and well measured. If true, then Mr. Frein is not an apparent threat to the local citizens, as the State Police have already acknowledged in their original statements. He is not even an offensive threat to the authorities, although I fear some may be injured in his pursuit.
Just yesterday, Lt. Col. Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police stated: “Lethal force is authorized upon positive identification if he is not actively surrendering,” ( What happen to his right to trial? When did we give the State Police the right to be judge and jury? Or are they really trying to keep him quiet to protect the reputation of the troop? Maybe revenge for his actions? These thoughts are no more absurd than the image of Mr. Frein presented by the State Police and the assumptions they have made. Where’s Attorney General Holder and Mr. Sharpton?
Why am I reminded of this line? -- "Use of unnecessary violence in the apprehension of the Blues Brothers HAS been approved."

SHAKE IT OFF – The Obama Version

Pretty funny.

The New York Times: Unrepentant Communist Enabler

In brief: so closely did the New York Times echo the sentiments of a Stalinist dictator that he gleefully ordered their article disseminated—almost word for word-- throughout his regime’s KGB-founded and mentored media. It gets better: “He (Fidel Castro) appeared to endorse the thrust of the editorial,” The second NY Times editorial boasts, “comparing it to an interview he gave in 1957 as a young rebel leader to a (New York) Times foreign correspondent at the time, Herbert Matthews…”

Democrat race-hustling to abet public endangerment what’s really 'unspeakable'

Jenkins, with a heavily-tattooed face, is black. A prison system psychiatrist labeled him a “psychopath,” and called him 'one of the most dangerous people I have ever evaluated,' per an Associated Press report. He maintained an Egyptian god ordered him to kill his victims as human sacrifices after he was “released from prison without supervision.”